TMW Tile

Since itŐs inception, in Seattle in 2007, TMW Tile has focused on providing our clients with a superb experience. We use the highest quality product available and only the finest materials while remaining in your budget and on time. Our strength is balancing aesthetics with structural integrity to create a cohesive layout for results with enduring beauty. We have been fortunate to work exclusively off referrals.


Tom Wallace was born on Queen Anne Hill in 1979. He grew up in a construction family in Seattle where he has lived most of his life.

Growing up Tom showed special talent in the arts. In high school his favorite mediums were ceramic sculpture, wood carving, stone setting jewelry, and music. In college he played guitar in the Jazz Ensemble at Seattle Central Community College before he went to Evergreen and focused on Environmental/Indigenous Studies. Though Tom was always excelled in the arts he was challenged to find a way to make a living with them. He worried that turning art into a job would take the pleasure out of it. For occupation, he continued the construction trade he had learned growing up. As a carpenter, Tom enjoyed working with his hands creating something useful. He especially enjoyed projects that allowed him to do finer artisan work and focus on the details. He began to think about integrating art into his work, wanting to express natural beauty in household items or the house itself. Though Tom enjoyed working as a carpenter he decided it would be a good idea to specialize in a trade. He chose tile installation because he enjoyed the creative process and the attention to detail it requires to be done well. It seemed a step in the right direction as an artist/builder. He took a job for Saw Tooth Tile in Chelan, WA and learned the ins and outs of fine tile work as well as developed the skills for working as a sub-contractor with general contractors and designers. After moving back to Seattle he worked for JB Tile & Stone and further refined his skills. In 2006 Tom decided it was time to work for himself and got his business established shortly thereafter.

Outside of work Tom is passionate about the environment and the outdoors. He is secretary of the Steelhead Trout Club of Washington Est. 1928 and is committed to protecting Steelhead, Salmon, and their environment. Fishing is among his favorite past times. He loves immersion in nature and finds it grounding. Aside from rowing down a river in pursuit of anadromous fish, Tom loves Sea Kayaking. As his final project at Evergreen College he built a Dyson Baidarka (sea kayak) which he has paddled around much of British Columbia and continues to paddle to this day. Tom still plays music, carves, and occasionally makes a piece of jewelry.